Updated July 2024


Annual Meeting Results

The Del Norte Neighborhood Association’s Annual Meeting/Dinner was held on June 6, 2024 at the Arroyo del Oso Golf Course on Osuna.  Thanks to Crystal and the catering crew for grilling and serving up a great meal to 80 hungry residents.  An additional 20 people came to the meeting bring our total attendance this year to 100 residents.  Thank you for taking the time to care.
The speakers gave the following contact numbers for your convenience.
                              Mayor Keller was represented by his assistant:
                                             Shaunn Nashboo ( 505-768-3020
                             City Council Woman, Brook Bassan ( 505-768-3101
                              Representative Melanie Stansbury’s assistant:                                                                                                                     Nicholas Mascarenas (                                                                             505-346-6781 Call for assistance with social security or Veteran issues.
                              APD Crime Prevention Specialist Angie Casias 505-823-4455                                                                                              Call for a free safety inspection of your home or property.
                              ONC (Office of Neighborhood Coordination) Vanessa Baca represented by:                                                                      Chris Sylvan 505-768-3344
Officers were approved for the Board of the DNNA.  They include Mary Bernard, Marsha Thompson, Brenda White and Mary White.  The officers will be elected at the next board meeting on August 6, 2024
By-laws have been updated to meet the standards of NARO (Neighborhood Association Recognition Ordinance) and were approved by the attendees of the Annual Meeting. There was no change to the meaning of our current by-laws but simple language changes so that all neighborhood associations are working from the same document.


A neighborhood association represents not just the residents but the businesses too. Del Norte Neighborhood Association has been fortunate to have generous companies in our area. We want to thank them for their donations to our annual meeting. Don’t forget to shop and eat locally and support….
Southwest Cyber Port
BMO Bank
Buffett’s Candy on Academy
Dapper Barber Parlor on Osuna
Horizon Bagels on Louisiana
I scream for Ice Cream on Carlisle
Midas on San Mateo
Monroe’s on Osuna
Ocotillo Solar on Osuna
Sandia Casino
Sprouts on Academy
Wecks on Louisiana


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